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                        • Anhydrous Tap Hole Clay

                          Our anhydrous tap hole clay provide long tapping time & stable tap hole length, which benefit to safety operation & increasing output.

                        • Castable for Iron Trough

                          Our castable for iron trouh performs well upon slag erosion & penetration,which significantly improve hot metal throughput.

                        • Other Refractories for BF

                          Plastic for taphole mud liner & water free refractory motar for blast furnace are used for blast furnace maintenance.

                        • Refractories for Tundish

                          We produce a wide range of tundish precast products,also work lining products for tundish.

                        • Other products

                          Our auxiliary products include graphite electrode,slag ball,carburant,refining slag,ladle filler,aluminum oxide, silicon carbide,etc.

                        • Refractories for steelmaking

                          mold flux casting powder, Stuffing sand Covering powder are the heart of continuous casting.

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